Benefits of
Dental Braces
Are Braces bad for you?

Can Braces cause bad breath?

They can cause bad breath if proper oral hygiene is not maintained. Extra hygiene maintenance is essential as food can get stuck between the braces and these have to be cleaned meticulously. Invisalign or clear aligners don’y have this problem as they are removable and are easily cleaned.

Can Braces rust?

The Brackets usually do not rust in the treatment time of one to two years.

Can braces cause ear pressure?

They don’t cause ear pressure as such. Any sinusitis if any can cause these problems during the course of the treatment.

Can Braces cause headaches?

orthodontic treatment do not result in headaches.

Can Braces fall off?

The brackets are bonded onto the tooth surface and these can fall off during biting very hard objects. New brackets have to be placed again in these teeth.

Can Braces change your face?

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Can braces change your jawline?

Orthodontic treatment cannot modify jawline. Any problems with the Jaws can be corrected by Myofunctional appliances during growing stages and orthognathic surgery after growth is completed.

Can braces change your lips?

The lip profile may be improved by proper orthodontic treatment but the prognosis varies from the case to case.

Will braces move your jaw?

They do not move the jaw. Jaw movement or growth can only be done by myofunctional appliances or surgery.

Will braces change your voice?

There may be some difficulty to speak during certain stages of orthodontic treatment but don’t change the voice.

Things you need to know?

Which braces are the fastest?Which Braces work the fastest?

Self Ligating ones are the fastest orthodontic modality since there is continued tooth movement throughout the course of the treatment due to absence of elastic modules which lose their initial action after some days.

Which Braces is best for teeth?

Which braces are better?

Any Brace can be used based on the affordability of the patient. Self ligating move teeth faster, invisalign are invisible ones preferred by adults and ceramic ones are less obvious on the teeth. So the braces are selected based on the need and the cost affordability of the person.

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