Which Dental Implants
are the best?

Nobel Biocare – High predictability and success rate. / Nobel Activ – “Rolls Royce” of dental implants with 95% success rate / Nobel Groovy / Nobel Replace Select
Nobel biocare
Megagen Implants
Straumann Implants
Norris Implant
How Dental Implants work?

How Dental Implants are placed? How dental Implants are Installed?

Dental Implants are placed inside the jaw bone after drilling holes in the bone under local anesthesia. There is no pain involved in the procedure.

Are Implants Removable?

The Implants usually integrate with bone through a process called osseointegration. Therefore implants are not removable , only the overlying tooth or the prosthesis is removable. If Implants have to be removed after osseointegration for some reasons, Separate drilling procedure has to be done with special instruments .

Can Dental Implants move?

Implants once osseointegrated cannot move.

Will Dental implants stop bone loss?

The Jaw bone is made up of basal bone and alveolar bone(top part). this alveolar bone forms when teeth erupt and starts to resorb when teeth fall off. Dental implants prevents or highly minimises the resorption of the alveolar bone.

Are Implants bad for you?

Are Implants Painful?

Dental Implant placement procedure is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia and without any pain. The mode of anesthesia is usually a local infiltration much lesser than a nerve block needed for a tooth removal or a root canal treatment.

Are Implants safe? Or Are Implants toxic?

Implants are made of titanium and its alloys and is the most biocompatible inside the bone. Therefore it is absolutely safe to place implants.

Can Implants pop / Can Implants fall off / Can Implants fail?

Dental implants have a proven success rate of around 95%. There may be failures in some cases as with all other treatment modalities.

Can Implants make you sick?

These failures are usually neither life threatening nor something which causes health deterioration.

Can Implants break?

Implant Breakage during placement is very very rare and is not a often mentioned mode of failure of implants. The Teeth or the prosthesis attached to the implants may break, but that is always detachable and replaceable.

Can Implants get Cavities?

No. Implants cannot get cavities.

Will Implants Change my face?

Dental implant for a single teeth usually doesn’t cause much changes. A full jaw Implant treatment can change your face in a positive manner, as you need, compared to your removable dentures.

Are Implants worth it?

Implants are definitely worth it as it can return almost 70-80 % of your normal tooth function(in completely edentulous cases) whereas other modes of treatment return less than 50% of the function.

Are Dental Implants permanent?

The Implants placed inside the bone is usually placed for a lifetime provided there is no other problem. The overlying tooth or the prosthesis may need to be changed after some years.

Are Dental implants Expensive?

Why Dental Implants are so expensive?

Dental Implant cost is usually decided by the place of undergoing your treatment. Some countries are, not only for implants but for general dentistry as well , expensive compared to others. Certain Clinics charge more compared to certain other clinics.

Where are Dental Implants the cheapest?

Compared to most other countries , with the same standard of treatment, India is providing you the highest quality treatment at the the lowest price. The reduced cost is probably due to higher consumer consumption.

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