Dentures are the most commonly used forms of replacing your missing teeth.


They are also sometimes the most misused ones. Dentures in madurai are made from a variety of labs and materials. It is Important to know the pros and cons of each type of denture and its material.

Dentures are a complete or a partial set of artificial teeth for either the upper or the lower jaw supported by a plate.

A complete denture

Is a treatment option for patients who have no teeth.complete dentures replace both upper and lower teeth and they are made after complete healing of tissues after all teeth have been removed.

Whereas, flexible partial dentures

These are called as “soft dentures” which solve the problem of the hard denture and are very comfortable, lightweightwith better retention and esthetics.

Finally, conventional partial dentures

These are “hard “ partial dentures used to replace a few lost teeth.
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