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The Zygomatic Implant utilises the zygoma bone. This type of implant is usually preferred when there is no jaw bone for the placement of conventional implants or All on 4 Implants.

What is

The Zygoma is the prominent bone of the cheek which is made of cortical bone or high density strong bone.

This bone is used to support long implants extending to the mouth to support the teeth prosthesis.

Why not
Regular Implants?

Regular Implants can be used when there is adequate jaw bone in the upper jaw. when a lot of time has elapsed between tooth removal and the desire to get implants done,the amount of available bone reduces. This is because of an air space in the upper jaw called maxillary sinus. This maxillary sinus becomes larger and larger when there is no teeth, thereby reducing the quantity of the bone.When there is very minimal bone, it cannot support regular implants without additional procedures like sinus lifting which may involve extensive surgery, expensive treatment and non guaranteed treatment success with highly delayed treatment outcome- that is a fixed prosthesis in the mouth.
all on 4 implants- maxillary sinus
Crown or Bridge
Fixed implant - ( All on 4/ All on 6 )
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Zygoma Dental Implants


Xrays/ Scans needed?

An OPG and a CBCT/CT scan is a must for this treatment to assess the amount and quality of bone.

Local or General Anesthesia?

Being a slightly bigger procedure than the regular dental implant placement these are preferred to be done under general anesthesia in an operation theatre setting.


Two to four Regular implants are placed in the front region of upper jaw and two to four zygomatic implant s are placed.

1.All on 4 Hybrid- Two regular implants and two zygomatic implants.

2.All on 4 Zygoma(extra maxilla)- four zygomatic implants.

3.All on 6 Hybrid- Four regular implants and two zygoma implants (or) two regular implants and four zygoma implants

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