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Dental Holiday India is a chance for most of these people to not only get the desired treatment done at the best Quality of care but also offers them a chance to visit some unexplored tourism spots and all these at a much lower and affordable Expenditure. The reason for the Increased costs in certain countries is Unexplained as it is not due to the Increased Material costs but most often due to the exhorbitant fees charged by the Hospitals.

We , At Magizhchi Dental , Madurai, believe that dental care should be available Universally to all and low cost Dental tourism which includes a few visits to our center during the course of your vacation offers us a chance to treat various people from around the world and spread their smiles.
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Dental Tourism
What, How, Where?

STEP 1Contact us

Contact us to send us the most recent panoral x ray of your dental problem, or dentist’s report that you have.

STEP 2Get a Quote

You’ll get a free quotation and contact proposal regarding your dental and travel arrangement.

STEP 3Travel

Arrange a travel to DentiCare as per arranged quotaton or agreement ofr the duration of the dental procedure.

STEP 4Arrival

After we settle on the appropriate treatment, you will receive a schedule of all your appointments.

STEP 5Surgery

On your first day, you will perform the final check with a dentist before commencing necessary treatment.

STEP 6Follow up Check

Your assigned dentists might want you to stay an extra day or two if they deem it necessary to ensure quality service.
Cost in India
  • All on 4 Implants (per arch) - less than 5000$
  • Smile Designing - 800-1200$
  • Dental Implants - 500-800$
  • Zygoma Implants - 6000-8000$
  • Zirconia Crowns - 150-300$
  • Tooth Whitening - 100-200$
Cost in US & UK
  • All on 4 Implants (per arch) - 20000-25000$
  • Smile Designing - 8000$
  • Dental Implants - 3500$
  • Zygoma Implants - 30000$
  • Zirconia Crowns - 5000$
  • Tooth Whitening - 800$
Cost in Thailand
  • All on 4 Implants (per arch) - 10000-15000$
  • Smile Designing - 4000$
  • Dental Implants - 2000$
  • Zygoma Implants - 18000$
  • Zirconia Crowns - 3000$
  • Tooth Whitening - 400$

Dental Tourism
India Packages

At Magizhchi Dental, The administration is specially designed keeping the strict requirements of our International Patients in mind. All dental procedures are carried out as per the strict international standards of hygiene and sterilization, using the latest dental techniques and materials.

We arrange through our travel partners the entire package, including the flight arrangements, accommodation, local tour packages during your stay along with your required dental treatments as one whole package. All you have to do is just let us know your preferred dates and our co-ordinators will get in touch with you and arrange a complete tour package which includes your dental treatments in it. All of this is combined in one economical package for you.

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