Root Canal

During the root canal treatment , the infected pulp of the teeth containing the nerves is carefully cleaned and disinfected and sealed with a rubber like material called gutta percha. Afterwards , the tooth is restored with a crown for protection.

Tooth Abscess
& Infection

The tooth may become infected with pus and swelling or may present with a sharp radiating pain which increases on lying down. These are due to decay of the tooth which can extend to the pulp tissue and may further extend into the bone. There are various types of Pulp infection. Acute pulpitis - An Acute inflammation of the pulpal tissues causing a sharp radiating electric current like pain on intake of hot or cold food and may also increase on lying down or during evening times.

Chronic Pulpitis : Chronic Inflammation of the pulpal tissues for more than many months which may not have a sharp radiating pain but a dull type of pain.

Apical Periodontitis : This is the infection which spreads onto the underlying bone and causes pain during biting of food and during teeth clenching.

Periapical Abscess : The infection in the bone leads to formation of the pus just below the root of the tooth and this pus formation is localised .
Dentoalveolar Abscess- The bone infection spreads to other parts causing a swelling of the face on that side with increased temperature.
Crown or Bridge
Fixed implant - ( All on 4/ All on 6 )
Dental Implants & Dentures
Zygoma Dental Implants

Access Opening

The enamel and dentin covering the pulp is removed and an access is created for cleaning the roots of the teeth. The Decay of the tooth is first removed and the tooth is the drilled with a handpiece to remove the tooth covering the pulp to get access to the root and the canals.This procedure helps in proper location of the root canal openings.

Tooth Root Cleaning

Small instruments called files are used to clean the pulp tissue and disinfect the root till the apex of the teeth.This procedures removes all the bacteria and infection from the root of the tooth.

Root Canal Obturation

Once the cleaning is completed, a rubber like material called Gutta percha is filled into the empty root space to get a proper seal.

Post and Crown

After completion of the root canal, a Crown or an overlay is placed along with a post and core if needed to maintain the tooth thereafter in function.
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