When are
Veneers needed?

Small gaps in your front teeth and you are not ready for a long duration braces treatment to correct those gaps.

These problems need not be corrected by extensive procedures such as crowning (cap) of your teeth which involves a huge reduction in the structure of your teeth. If you’re looking for a less invasive yet a long standing treatment option then dental veneering is the treatment of choice for you.

A Veneer is an artificial tooth shell which can be stuck on to your front tooth surface. It can be used to correct defects in form, size , shape and colour.

Can Veneers fix crooked teeth?

Severely crooked teeth cannot be corrected by veneering. Mild cases may be possible, depends on the individual case.
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Zygoma Dental Implants
Can Veneers straighten teeth?

A Veneer as such cannot straighten teeth but they can correct mild problems. Severe ones should be corrected by braces.

Will Veneers stop tooth decay?

Veneering when properly bonded will stop decay caused due to broken fillings. But it is only covered on the front surface, the back surface is the natural tooth which needs to be cleaned and maintained as usual.

Types of Veneers

Emax Veneer : These are the best veneers and are a bit expensive compared to the composite veneer but these replicate the tooth surface exactly.

Composite Veneer : These are less expensive but of less strength and less aesthetics.
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