How Dentures
are made?

They are also sometimes the most misused ones. Dentures in madurai are made from a variety of labs and materials.
How Dental Implants work?

Are Dentures Comfortable?

Dentures when Properly made are mostly comfortable depending on the quality and quantity of jaw bone present. The upper denture usually is retentive, whereas the lower denture may not have sufficient jaw bone to rest upon making it slightly less retentive. These dentures when retained by Implants (Implant Overdenture)are more retentive and more comfortable.

Are Dentures Painful?

Dentures may be painful initially but the pain usually is relieved after some checkup visits to the dentist. It is because of some bone prominences which may get pressurised by the dentures.

Can Dentures cause weight loss?

Loose fitting dentures may result in improper food intake and improper digestion leading to weight loss. Implant Overdentures may result in better food intake.

Can Dentures cause Bad breath?

Dentures can cause bad breath if they are not cleaned properly, similar to our natural teeth when they are not cleaned.

Can Dentures cause cancer?

Sharp overextended margins may cause a condition called epulis , which usually subsides on correction of the denture. But if this condition is left uncorrected for a long time, then it may lead to cancer.

Can Dentures cause dry mouth?

Dentures usually do not cause dry mouth but Dry mouth condition may affect the retention of the denture.

Will Dentures make me Gag?

Dentures usually cause gagging to someone who is prone to gagging. These people need to be properly trained to accept dentures without gag.

Will Dentures affect my speech?

Speech is usually produced when tongue produces sound by contacting with palate,teeth and other oral structures. So these dentures come in between the tongue and the palate. So the tongue needs some time to adjust to the new surface which is usually two weeks. The speech becomes normal after two weeks to a maximum of one month.

Can Dentures be corrected?

When Dentures are loose?

Dentures usually become loose after some years due to bone resorption in the jaws, during which the denture needs to be relined or rebased. Sometimes new dentures may be loose due to very little jaw bone to support the denture which may require a Implant overdenture for retention.

Will Dentures stain?

Dentures will stain if not cleaned properly.

Can Dentures be Whitened?

Minimal Stains over dentures can be removed for a small fee by the lab. But it can only be restored to its basic color, it cannot be whitened.

Can Dentures be repaired?

Dentures can be repaired depending on the degree of breakage.

Can Dentures broke in half be Repaired?

It can be repaired in some cases only but the denture has chances of breaking again.

How Dentures are made?

Who makes Dentures? Which dentist does dentures?

Dentures are made by a dental Specialist called Prosthodontist. They are the ones specially trained in making dentures and also Implant dentures.

How Dentures are made step by step?

Complete dentures are properly made by a four to five step clinical process. First , Impressions(Primary) are made with stock trays. Then Custom Trays are fabricated in the lab and another Impression is made(secondary).

After this wax bite blocks are made and jaw relation is done to determine the height and width of the face. These bite blocks are used to incorporate artificial teeth into them, to have a wax trial so that any final adjustments can be made. The denture is then processed and delivered to the patient.

Can Dentures be Made without an Impression?

Even though Intra oral scanners have emerged for making digital Impressions, These cannot be used as of now for making denture impressions as these impressions have to mimic the muscular movements and not just static recording. Therefore impressions have to be made for dentures.

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