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All on 4 may be the one of the best option to get fixed teeth.

However, you may be apprehensive about the cost of price and treatment.

Today I am going to answer the questions “How much does an all on 4 implant cost”.

So geographically, India is a very good place to have procedure done or even general dentistry as a whole.

But the cost to benefit ratio is very much more when you do an expensive procedure like the All on 4.

In a place like probably, the U.S. or the European countries, you are going to pay around 25000$ per arch and there is no difference at all. Same implant, same materials and same procedure.

In saying so, we just assume that they use the best quality Implants because they charge so much. Here we use the best Implants from the best dental implant companies, may be a Noble Active from Nobel biocare or a Straumann implant.

Just that in some countries, it is a lot more expensive.


The sterilization protocol is the same as in case of major surgery, just that it is done in a dental office setting/or sometimes under general anesthesia.

All on 4 Implants

Losing your natural teeth was probably a traumatic experience. Sometimes physically and moreover mentally.

But living without teeth or unstable and loose fitting teeth set or dentures will continue to produce negative effect.

Why to Have Stable Teeth:

A secure or a “Fixed” set of teeth lets you enjoy your favorite food and a good natural smile is often a symbol of health and beauty.

Why Not Regular Dentures (Teeth Set):

Dentures often make it difficult to chew which can cause you to stop eating many of the foods you enjoy.

The plastic plate of your denture can affect the taste of your food.

You will find it difficult to pronounce words leading to difficulty to even speak with family and friends.

So, modern dentures supported by dental implants are the best choice for securing loose dentures.


All on 4 Treatment Concepts:

The All on 4 treatment concepts was only 4 Implants in each jaw to which the dentures are securely fixed.

The previous concepts used at least 6 or more implants per jaw leading to increased cost and surgical procedure. In the all on 4 concepts, there are totally 4 implants whereas 2 implants in the front and 2 in back. The 2 back implants are tilted to value the best use of your jaw bone

Computer Guided Surgery:

So we are a computer guided surgical stent here in which the exact placement of the implant is known even before the start of the implant procedure. This minimizes human error and in some cases also reduces the cost by reducing the amount of bone graft needed.

Is All on 4 Expensive?

Well, If you compare just the price with a conventional teeth set, yes it is expensive.

But compare the benefits having a regular set of dentures and eating with them can lead to others health problems due to less chewing capacity and less intake of good food.

So, if you compare the overall cost rather than the price, it is not as expensive as it feels.

It is similar to difference in price and cost between removing teeth and doing a root canal treatment.

A simple removal of teeth costs much less than a root canal treatment, but the cost of replacing the removed tooth is far more than doing a root canal treatment.

Why Madurai is best place for your treatment?

If you are coming from other place, your treatment can be combined with a leisure trip. Madurai is probably ‘The cultural capital’ of India and is called ‘The Athens of east’. Your treatment also have the ‘Gods own country’ at a three-four hour drive from Madurai.

Because of the difference in the treatment changes, you could even come down here from whichever country you are, get your treatment done, enjoy the country and return back, all at a very low price.

Exact Price of All on 4 Surgery

The only way to give an exact price is to be able to meet with the doctor or at least have him look over your CT or CBCT – a 3D image of how much bone you have because we have to ask any additional procedures needed like bone grafting. In my office, I would want to give you a treatment of the highest quality at the very best price.

Doctor that says “I can’t give you a quote until I see you” is a doctor that cares because we would want to deliver our promise.

Even people’s time is expensive. Because, it does happen, people come in, we have a look and then realize we may need additional procedures after looking at the CT.

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